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Cheatsheets for Python, Abaqus, and FEM

Cheatsheets can help you not google each new command you think you might need by when starting to work with finite element models, Python, and Abaqus.

As a more experienced engineer, one often does similar things over and over again. Some might remember all the commands they have used before, others have to write them down or look them up again and again. So cheatsheets are also for engineers that have already done so many things that they forget about most of them.

Here are some of my favorite cheatsheets:


Abaqus/Python and Modeling

I (Martin) wrote them myself, so feel free to send me corrections or ideas for improving them. Note that there is not so much space on two pages, so I cannot put all the additional commands that you use onto it 😉

  • Abaqus/Python (3 pages): pdf
  • Modeling (2 pages, in German): pdf